Waterfall Adventure

Approx. 4-5 hours including the Oasis picnic lunch. Self drive following our guide buggy for approx. 45 minutes to the entrance of the Waterfall path and walk through the rainforest for approx. 15 minutes to reach the cool waters. Swim, relax and enjoy your lunch stay for approx. 2 hours...or longer if the group of you wish as we are all on Fiji Time! Then take the drive back to our track on the beach at Pacific Harbour.


Price F$349 pp. (approx. A$157 or US$160 subject to rates)

Pricing includes the following Govt taxes  9% VAT, 10% STT & 6% Environment tax

Scenic Adventure

Approx. 1 hour driving through the hills & stopping for photos -The photographers love this one! You can choose where you want to stop and enjoy the incredible views - great way to see some of Fiji's lush interior that many visitors don't get to experience!




Price F$249 pp. (approx. A$99 or US$106)

Pricing includes the following Govt taxes  9% VAT, 10% STT & 6% Environment tax

Corporate and Group Tours

We can accommodate up to 16 persons at a time based on 2 people per buggy and offer attractive rates for bulk bookings. If your group is larger than 16 we can make arrangements to cater for you given a few days notice.Before you leave there is a short orientation including a trip around our training track you must have a valid driving license we also ask for a small security deposit prior to leaving. Change of clothes, swimmers & if you intend to walk closed in shoes are all a good idea. We provide watertight storage for cameras etc.

Tailored Adventure

It's up to you! You tell us what you want & we will do our best to accommodate you! Lunch or no lunch, self drive or driven, 30 minutes or 8 hours, waterfall or Eco experience YOU CAN DECIDE! Price??


It’s up to you!