Go on an Adventure with us.


Terratrek is Fiji's only self drive guided tour that travels the mountains at the back of Pacific Harbour. The panoramic views with outlooks on the Pacific Ocean and the waterfall trip are all spectacular must see's!Waterfall Tour - approx 4-5 hours including the Oasis picnic lunch.


Self drive following our guide buggy for approx 45 minutes to the entrance of the Waterfall path and walk through the rainforest for approx 15 minutes to reach the cool waters. Swim, relax and enjoy your lunch stay for approx 2 hours...or longer if the group of you wish as we are all on Fiji Time! then take the drive back to our track on the beach at Pacific Harbour.


Everyone thinks of Fiji and thinks beaches and clear seas well we offer something different - Fiji is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside!